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In 1942, Hitler recruited a team of electronic engineers.
They developed the first microcomputer, many years before the first computers.
During March 1945, Hitler feeling the end coming decides, with a handful of men, copying in his mind on a floppy disk.
Today, this disk has reappeared and began to infest the internet.
Not to leave the Axis victory, it is imperative to protect the primary DNS servers.

immuNAZItion is an oldschool looking FPS, using the raycasting to bring 2D maps to 3D. Only aviable in windows, I made it in about 2 weeks with the Raycasting Game Maker.


immuNAZItion_1.1.zip 22 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run the installer !
When you run the launcher, you can change some options and then run the game !

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