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My small virtual reality submission for the Epic Mega Jam 2021.

Cleanup your room before your mom gets home. Use left and/or right trigger to grab and move obejcts.

All assets were made by me using Blender 3D.

Sounds where found on Youtube without copyright.

The game is developed and tested with an Oculus Quest 1 and may run smoother on a Quest 2. I plan to port it after the gamejam to PC Headsets (already tested).

Apk file is under 110Mb.


OutOfReality_CleanUpYourRoom.zip 91 MB

Install instructions

This game is VR Only !

/!\ Your Quest must to be in developer mode /!\

Oculus Quest 1/2 users : Download the Android version, extract it, and use SideQuest or ADB to install the game.
If you have already installed ADB, you can use the .bat files provided in the zip file by Unreal Engine packager.
No additional *.obb files needed.

PC Headset users : Please be patient, a PC version will be release after the end of the Epic Mega Jam.

Development log

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