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The kitten scares were SO ADORABLE, but could have had many other different types of kittens pop up to make the player drown in cuteness overload. It was interesting watching the game being made in UE4, but the game itself severely lacked in gameplay. Nonetheless, It was fun to play! I'll keep a lookout for future projects!

Bonjour, si vous avez le temps, pouvez vous testez mon jeu, inspiré de cette série SVP ? Voici le lien :

Merci par avance :)

PS : Je précise qu'une nouvelle MAJ arrive d'ici peu avec de nettes améliorations !

Hey, j'ai créé un jeu grâce à toi et j'y ai ajouté quelques petits trucs persos. :D 

Si vous pouviez le tester et me dire ce que je pourrais changer. 

Merci !

Pretty neat visuals.

C'est grace a toi que j'ai pue créer mon jeu.

Salut Jean, tu peux tester mon jeu et me dire ce que tu en penses?

Voici le lien :

Hey, je te remercie d'avoir créé ce jeu car tu m'as beaucoup aidé sur l'UE4 !

J'ai créé un jeu très similaire a Kawai Slender, mais j'ai encore beaucoup de problèmes a l'importation du slender :/

Sinon le jeu est mignon et creepy, TOUT CE QU'ON AIME !!!

Bonne continuation :) !

I should have read before trying :)

Yep, the game is still VERY buggy ! :). I played it as well, and thought the game was SO CUTE! haha even though it wasnt supposed to be a full game, I loved it none the less, you should make a fun game of it, it would be hilariously fun! Also I LOVE The lowpolyart style, thats what brought my attention to this game

There was a lot of cats for sure. I thought the game was ok but I think it could be refined a little to fit the slender man expectations, slender man could be wearing a suit and collecting notes not cookies. But the cat jump scares do not match, there is also no ambient music which I would like to hear. However for a low poly game made in the Unreal Engine I am pleased to see it is a Unreal game that anyone can play.


Thank you for your comment.

This game is just a demonstration of a series of video tutorials I made on my youtube channel. it's not a real full game.
AI is realy bad, sounds are not perfects, but all of this aim to help noobies in game development to learn the basics :).